Recognising the need for advanced-level train-the-trainer instruction on the use of any artificial high directional, RTR has developed this 5 day ARIZONA VORTEX INSTRUCTOR COURSE suitable for fire emergency and rope access professionals. Reed Thorne, is the designer of the Arizona Vortex Multipod. This course is meant to assist the rope rescue instructor with information relative to the use of manufactured high directionals. This workshop would be suitable for ANY manufactured or improvised high directional.

The Arizona Vortex Instructors Course is a hands-on workshop on the use and correct implementation of artificial high directionals (AHD) for industry and wilderness settings.

AZVIC key points:
Use of high directionals to eliminate or reduce edge forces
Extensive slide shows with valuable lessons on physics
Proper set up (A to Z) of any manufactured or improvised AHD
Anchoring the AZV for static and dynamic events
At-the-edge, and back-from-the-edge AHD set up.
Guying the improvised and manufactured AHD's with rope/webbing
Working with the AZV bipod (A frame or Sideways A frame)
Working with the AZV monopod (gin pole)
Similar and paradoxical motion when entering the hazard zone under any AHD at the edge
Tandem AHD's
Much, much more...



Industrial Rescue Workshop

The Industrial Rescue Workshop (IRW) is an in-depth, hands-on course, emphasising technical rescue from difficult locations in an industrial setting including towers, structures and confined spaces. The IRW will employ minimalist approaches to both solo and team-based rescues in some cases using only the AZTEK kit. More

Structural Tower Rescue Workshop

The Structural Tower Rescue Workshop (STRW) is an in-depth, hands-on course, emphasizing structural rescue from the ground up. The techniques used in this program are closely aligned with mountain rescue where similar bottom up procedures are used on stranded climbers above the rescue team's arriving location.More

Mountain Rescue Workshop

The Mountain Rescue Workshop is a minimalist approach to mountain rescue procedures and teaches the access, stabilisation and extrication of patients involved in mid-face free or aid climbing accidents, especially those where the accident site is only accessed from below. The student will learn how to design and build system anchors from bolts, pitons and active and passive rock climbing camming devices. More


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