The Advanced Instructor Seminar has only been held in Australia twice before in 2002 and is a seven day seminar dealing with the remaining "10% Solution". This rigorous course "for wizards" applies some aspects of the IIC yet goes well beyond these both in intensity of rigging, and application of physical principles.

The course begins abruptly with an impromptu field exercise to assess existing skill level within the "team". The course then explores all the available possibilities for setting up a horizontal, sloping or steep highline for removing, transporting or inserting rescuers or a patient including but not limited to:

1) Standard transportation-type highlines;
2) Drooping highlines;
3) Swiftwater highlines;
4) Reeving highlines (for varying trackline angles) and
5) Extreme highlines over 200m.

The main event of the seven day AIS seminar is an extreme highline of over 200m station-to-station high above the valley floor treetops!. The AIS also explores all aspects of advanced rigging including fall factors (ideal and practical), and reviews the belay drop test data more accurately than previous courses.

The AIS is rigging intensive! Advanced artificial high directionals like double gin poles ("V" frames), double "A" frames, and tripods for on or offloading the rescue package is common during the AIS. Other highline subjects covered include:

          Single yoke and double yoke carriages
          Passing bends on the tag lines         
          Tagline hangers for various highline applications
          Tagline Prusik by-passes
          High-strength trackline anchors-artificial and natural
          Specialized Prusik minders
          Setting trackline tension limits with and without a dynomometer
          Single and two-carriage English Reeving highlines
          Load bypasses on transecting obstructions
          Limiting sag over rivers
          Pilot line delivery systems-line throwers; tether balls; rockets;
                    messenger cord establishment and insertion
          Highline logistics and tear down

 Much, much more.



Industrial Rescue Workshop

The Industrial Rescue Workshop (IRW) is an in-depth, hands-on course, emphasising technical rescue from difficult locations in an industrial setting including towers, structures and confined spaces. The IRW will employ minimalist approaches to both solo and team-based rescues in some cases using only the AZTEK kit. More

Structural Tower Rescue Workshop

The Structural Tower Rescue Workshop (STRW) is an in-depth, hands-on course, emphasizing structural rescue from the ground up. The techniques used in this program are closely aligned with mountain rescue where similar bottom up procedures are used on stranded climbers above the rescue team's arriving location.More

Mountain Rescue Workshop

The Mountain Rescue Workshop is a minimalist approach to mountain rescue procedures and teaches the access, stabilisation and extrication of patients involved in mid-face free or aid climbing accidents, especially those where the accident site is only accessed from below. The student will learn how to design and build system anchors from bolts, pitons and active and passive rock climbing camming devices. More


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